Terms and Conditions

Public term of use:

First of all, we appreciate your showing your trust in our services. Choosing Social Buddies for your promotions is a legit decision, and the decision comes with some terms and conditions of services.

All the material on site is owned by Social Buddies, also known as Socialbuddies.io and protected legally via the copyright act. Our services come with a few terms and conditions, which you must accept if you willingly choose us to serve you. When you come to the site and accept all the terms and conditions, you simply give us your consent to approach you legally. Furthermore, you have to accept the responsibilities that implementing local law can cause.

User authorization: 

User authorization is a license issued by us, a downloaded soft copy of information or software present on Social Buddies. However, it will be issued to you on the agreement that it will be used for only information purposes, non-commercial and individual use. It does not mean the transfer of any right or our trademark, but under this license, you can not do this: 

  • Change or amend any material.
  • Copy the material from our website to use for any purpose.
  • A non-commercial, non-individual use of the material is strictly prohibited.
  • Removal of the watermark, copyright to use the material for other websites or any purpose.

Dissociation / Denial

The provided license has come to an end automatically and instantly in case you go against the conditions that are above mention. Social Buddies can terminate the license at any point because of any reason. Once the license is terminated, you must delete or remove all the material downloaded or collected from our site for any purpose. You are obliged to remove or delete all the data you collected either in hard or soft copy. 


Social Buddies and our distributors will not be accountable if you face a loss (a data or profit); in both cases, there are no such solid warranties. Social Buddies will not be accountable for your lack of material or awareness issues as we are strictly restricted to our policies and have to keep the standard of restrictions or limitations. Somehow, it would not apply to everyone; it means some time for specific customers, there are chances for going against these limitations.


Social Buddies is not promising you or taking complete responsibility for the content present on the website. There is no guarantee that the present website content is entirely accurate as there are chances for typos, photographic or technical errors. Furthermore, Social Buddies can amend, change or rephrase the content anytime without informing the customers, as we have not promised to inform you. We don’t have a specific time or moment to make changes, as whenever we feel the need, we do it.


Viewing or clicking any website attached to our site is not verified by Social Buddies. So, we are not responsible for the consequences as it depends on the customers. The websites are only attached; they do not have any link to Social Buddies as we do not endorse or promote them. 

Modification in terms of use

 The terms of use we declare here can be changed anytime without officially informing you. So take great care to read, although you have given us your consent on terms and conditions when coming to us.

Important note: Remember these before placing your order

Before placing an order, do remember these points with extra attention as sometimes customers hold us responsible for things that are unrelated to us. We have many complaints regarding such a thing. So we are clearing it here: 

You must have a public account:

Your social media account must be public before placing the order for followers, likes, or views. We are bound to send your required package if you have a public account since it does not work for private accounts as we have an automatic proceeding mechanism that delivers your order within a few hours after the payment. The procedure is instant, so if you have a private account, everything will go ruined, and Social buddies won’t be held for this act. However, you can make your account private after the completion of the delivery.

Don’t buy from others while using ours:

If you are using our services, you must be loyal to us as using multiple site services simultaneously will cause conflicts. It is unethical that you use two different sites for the same purpose at the same time. Before using our service, ensure the other website has completed your order and has nothing to do with you. In such situations, we have received complaints about the result. Social Buddies is not accountable if you are using both agencies simultaneously. 

Don’t change your user name:

During the procedure, never think about changing your user name. It will cause severe problems for both the website and your account. Changing your name means that you are blocking the access point to your account. It will become challenging for the website and audience to find your account, and it will make the website unable to track your account. If you want to change your user name, there is no problem as you can change your user name after your order is completed. If you change the user name during the process, we won’t be responsible for the inconveniences your account will face. Moreover, in such a scenario, you can not even claim the refund policy as you will not be eligible.

When you place the order from Social Buddies, remember:

  • The orders are delivered instantly.
  • We deliver the orders within 24 hours of payment.
  • After making the payment, you immediately become eligible for the Social Buddies refund policy.
  • Social Buddies do not involve physical activities or deliveries; there are no extra-national or international export charges. 
  • If you are facing any issue related to refund policy, you can get our ‘Refund policy’ section for detailed answers.