Refund Policy

Payment and refund

As soon as you enter your card details for transaction purposes, the required amount will be deducted from the card using SSL encryption to protect your card details. However, it is almost impossible to happen in the situation of fraud or making an order automatically without the consent of the card owner. However, if it happens in this case, Social Buddies have the right to reset the package, the followers, likes or views you got. The IP address will be banned forever, and won’t conduct any future activity. 

Furthermore, Social Buddies refund all the amount to the cardholder in case it is a proven fraud payment. Social Buddies offers a refund policy that can be used within 30 days after the transaction. If you are unsatisfied or we failed to do what we promised you, you can claim a refund. 

To claim a refund, you must have these things:

Order number

Billing name

Eligibility criteria to get a refund:

  • Social Buddies will not accept your refund claim if the order is in process or 
  • You may be eligible for a refund claim if you have changed your user name while the order is in process.
  • You will not get a refund if you have made your social media account private while the order is in process. You wouldn’t get a refund even if the account were private before delivering the order. In addition to the restriction, we have already made it public that Social Buddies won’t be held accountable if you have a private account. Make your account public before placing the order.
  • If a customer files a complaint or dispute without contacting us, he/she will not remain eligible for the refund policy.
  • Social Buddies will refund you within 30 days o refund if you fulfill the criteria, no question, no arguments. If your initial payment crosses the 30 days, the refund will be according to the situation at that time.
  • Social Buddies make only one-off payments, and your payment is not stored on Social Buddies, and all the transactions are done securely.

For contacting Social Buddies go to the ‘Contact us section for further details.