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Social Buddies is a digital marketing agency, and we know you want to grow your account rapidly. However, you put great effort into creating content without getting enough views. Instagram views quickly make your account a well-known and must-follow account. So why not buy IG views at a reasonable price from our company to expand your account. Use our services to achieve your business goals with quality views from real accounts.

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Instagram Views Pricing

If you are looking to buy Instagram Views with Paypal, we have a pricing list that includes different packages. Choose the package which suits your budget. If you want any customized package just contact us, we are just a click away. The details are as follows.

100 IG Views


250 IG Views


500 IG Views


1000 IG Views


2000 IG Views


3000 IG Views


5000 IG Views


10000 IG Views


Steps Towards the Apex of Engagement on Your Account

Here are three simple, user-friendly and reliable steps to follow to buy services for your social media accounts.

Let’s look at them:

Choose package

We have a wide range of packages with different budgets. We have designed packages for small or large businesses. Select your desired package.

Enter Your Details

Please enter the required details. We don't breach your privacy; we only required the URL of the profile. You just have to provide e-mail or phone number for contact.


After payment completion, you will receive a confirmation message through given e-mail address. Here we go; all is set now; you just have to watch the show.

Buy Instagram views from Social Buddies and become a popular figure

Views are not working for you or you are not getting the required audience. Whatever your problem is, Social Buddies come to your door to make you a prominent Insta figure. Buy Instagram views to make your videos viral over Instagram. 

Videos are important because it ranks quicker than photos on Instagram. Although Instagram was initially a photo and video-sharing app, it will only focus on videos now. That’s why reels are the new phenomenon medium on Instagram. 

On the other hand, your views on stories also count and add worth to your Instagram account. Stories are the quickest way to get public interaction. Moreover, stories are multi-purpose. You can add different polls and questions to interact with your audience. Furthermore, stories are discoverable as they stay for 24 hours. So, the best way to increase your views is to Buy views on Instagram.

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Why is Social Buddies popular among Instagrammers to Buy IG views?

Social Buddies has worked for many years in this industry and is one of the most favorite and top-rated sites to Buy IG views. Many popular Instagrammers are our regular clients, and they love our services. Here’s why:

  • 1. Budget-friendly packages:
  • 2. Quality views:
  • 3. Customer satisfaction:
  • 4. Quickest delivery timing:
  • 5. 24/7 customer care:


Budget-friendly packages:

We have designed various packages with different payment and views setup. So from small businesses to big brands, choosing a package according to your desire will be easy. Moreover, has very competitive prices. So, if you come to us to Buy Instagram views, you don’t have to worry.

Quality views:

Quality views can turn the cards and help you with instant fame. Social Buddies has a history of delivering quality views to its clients as we use authentic accounts to deliver your views. We have reviews on our site so that you can check them too. This is the reason why the majority of people come to Social Buddies to Buy Instagram live views.

Customer satisfaction:

What is the most important factor when someone approaches you to Buy Instagram story views? Indeed the answer is customer satisfaction, which is compulsory for going towards a successful account journey. Our priority is always your satisfaction, and we deliver views according to instructions.

Quickest delivery timing:

Want to get quick fame? Then come to Social Buddies because we have the quickest delivery timing. Most of our customers like us because of our 24-hour delivery rule. As soon as our system gets your order, it starts delivering.

24/7 customer care:

 Here is another significant feature we have over other companies. We offer 24/7 services for our clients. Hence they can get benefits and ask for solutions to their problems. We don’t have any specific time; whenever you need us, we’ll be there for you. Buy Instagram views with paypal from Social Buddies, and you can get exclusive protocol.


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How can Social Buddies make you a celebrity?

Social Buddies  knows what you need and how to make your account famous. Therefore, if you want to expand your content’s visibility, gain more net income, and broaden your audience, you should contact Social Buddies to Buy Instagram story views. This is an excellent chance for you, and you should take advantage of the opportunity.

Why Instagram is a prestigious platform?

We all know that social media platforms have changed the aspects of marketing. It is time for digital marketing. Digital marketing, such as Instagram marketing, depends on your digital appearance and followers. Instagram has the majority of the Gen-Z audience aged between 16-24, which is perfect for targeting them for your product. Moreover, Instagram has a large number of active users on the platform. Five hundred million stories are posted daily, it has a significant amount. 

Therefore, a business account is necessary because most businesses are on Instagram.

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Importance of views on Instagram

With the highest active audience ratio, views have significant value. Instagram algorithms now will focus more on video content, and the CEO Adam Mosseri declares it. Furthermore, videos are elaborated mediums, which even can make you hook the video to last. People love to see reels because of the exciting format. So, you need significant views to become a top account. To increase your views, you can Buy Instagram video views.

Why should you buy IG views to become famous?

To boost your account, create engagement on content, and for high reach, Instagram views are as important as other factors. People can buy Instagram views rather than wasting time, putting in the effort, and having zero results. Here are the reasons why you should Buy Instagram reel views to achieve your digital goals.

  • 1. A healthy relationship with the public:
  • 2. Invest and keep the pace of success:
  1. A healthy relationship with the public:

As we know more views mean more people interacting with you. Therefore, you can avail this opportunity to develop a friendly relationship with your viewers, which will be helpful for your future. These people will promote your content based on your relationship with them. Therefore, leave everything behind and Buy IG views. 

  1. Invest and keep the pace of success:

Investing a little for your successful business wouldn’t hurt you. If you Buy views on Instagram,  it is like an investment for your future. So invest and keep the steady pace of your success. Investing in your business or Instagram profile will help you with the following:

  • Increasing net income
  • Exploring new business opportunities
  • A chance to collaborate with re-owned brands
  • Widening the scale of audiences
  • Making a name in the international market
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What benefits can you get after buying Instagram views?

If you have chosen to Buy Instagram views and are wondering how it will help, then here is the answer. Here are the benefits that you can get if you Buy views Instagram.

  • 1. Higher reach:
  • 2. Support by Instagram:
  • 3. Wide range exposure:
  • 4. Promotions:
  • 5. An intelligent way to get organic views:
  1. Higher reach:

Making an account on Instagram is more accessible than having reach and engagement. People make an account to get a high reach on their content; these factors can increase Instagram followers, views, and likes. Furthermore, Instagram ranks those posts, videos, and pictures with high reach. So to get help from Instagram, your reach must be high, and you have to buy IG views for this purposeViews on your videos made them viral and raised curiosity in people. Ultimately, they visit your profile and end there following you.

  1. Support by Instagram: 

As we know, Instagram itself works according to its algorithms. Instagram and fellow Instagram colleagues will recognize your posts that are high in reach. Therefore to get support from Instagram colleagues and Instagram, you must have high views on your videos.

Moreover, Instagram algorithms focus more on video content, which is the primary reason people Buy Instagram story views.

  1. Wide range exposure:

To have a broad range of exposure and get a place on Instagram to explore feeds, you must Buy views on Instagram. These views will help you in different ways, such as expanding your account and content. Subsequently, this led your account to high reach and was explored by many users. Furthermore, your content will be visible to a larger audience, and even people from abroad with the same niche interest can find your content.

  1. Promotions: 

If you Buy Instagram video views, your reach will be high, and your account will become active. More people will be visiting your profile and will start following you. You can avail the opportunity to promote different brands and pages. Because your videos have many views, people will surely follow what you say to them.

  1. An intelligent way to get organic views:

Buying Instagram views from a reliable source like Social Buddies is the most innovative way to get organic reach. As you know, organic views and reach are important if you get a high spot on Instagram. But you must be cautious while choosing a company because a wrong step and your account will be banned forever. Social Buddies prevent you from such troubles by providing you with quality views. So, you can Buy Instagram video views to get organic views on your account. As the saying goes, “fake it till you make it”, so it is your chance to get what you need.\\i

Why is Social Buddies the first choice of bloggers and influencers?

    • We have worked with many bloggers and influencers. Social Buddies is quite popular among Instagram celebrities because of its quality services.

      • 1. Valid data privacy:
      • 2. Secure payment methods:
      • 3. Get your money back:
      • 4. Real profiles
      • 5. Refill retention
      • 6. Life long
      1. Valid data privacy:

      Privacy is the most crucial element when someone wants to buy Instagram views with paypal. Therefore, we take great care of our clients and their privacy as it is a matter of rules. Thus, we don’t ask for your account passwords and other security details of your account. We are a trust-able source for buying Instagram story views, and we don’t share our client’s data with a third party as per our company’s rules. 

      1. Secure payment methods:

      People face payment issues when they Buy views Instagram, as some companies do not provide secure payment methods. Meanwhile, we at Social Buddies deal using secure and verified payment methods such as Paypal, Visa, bank accounts, or cards. We won’t reveal any information related to our clients to anyone. All the procedures are encrypted and harm-free.

      1. Get your money back:

       As the market is extensive and various people are offering you to Buy Instagram live views, one must be cautious. Therefore, we offer a money-back guarantee with our other services. If you face any problem purchasing views for Instagram, you don’t have to worry. There’s no loss of money because of having a professional team like us. You will get what you want. At Social Buddies we offer you a refund if you are eligible according to the instructions. You can complain to us if you are unsatisfied with our services or we don’t deliver you what we promised. 

      1. Real profiles:

      People come to Social Buddies to Buy views on Instagram because we have real profiles, no fake or bots. These two can make your account reach slower and even you can face a ban. So, why take risks when Social Buddies is here? We have so many people associated with us based on organic profiles.

      1. Refill retention

      Social Buddies provides refill retention to its customers. If you Buy Instagram views from us you don’t have to worry about losing views. Our system detect such changes and replace a view with another in such situation.

      1. Life long

      What is the most fun part of buying from Social Buddies? That you have to Buy IG views only once. It means once you buy the views they will stay forever on your account.

Worried about the Cancerous effects of bots? Not any more

Since the time Instagram was developed, people have been buying Instagram views, Instagram likes, comments, and followers. Many customers use our services, but we didn’t face any problems. Your account will not get any harm or threat if you Buy views Instagram. As the views are organic and authentic, Instagram automatically helps you grow and spread your account. Likes show how much people love your posts and content.

Many views motivate you to make good content for your account, and more people visiting your profile will get attractive quality content. The only problem you can get is by violating the copyright act. It would be best if you didn’t duplicate other people’s work in your life. Instead, it would be best to create your work with the uniqueness of your personality, and it will be a success.

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Is buying Instagram views harmful?

There are many myths in society about specific topics, and getting paid views is one of them. It is just a kind of digital marketing, and marketing never was illegal or harmful for any account. So, if you Buy Instagram views from Social Buddies, you don’t have to worry, there will be no negative effect, and your account won’t face any action from Instagram.

What kind of effect will views have on my account?

It is a crucial and critical question as you invest in your account. Indeed your money and efforts matter a lot. However, you don’t need to worry about these trivial matters. If you Buy IG views from us, your account will be nourished. The more views your content gets, the more popular you will become. Furthermore, because you get significant views, Instagram algorithms will make you on top of the search and discovery index.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because there are many myths and conspiracies related to buying views for Instagram, people ask a few questions frequently. I tried to answer all these questions.

Every company has its own ways of delivering views, and the simple one is delivering automatic views using manual instructions.

Absolutely yes, you should trust the reviews on our site. We have worked hard to earn a credible repute for our company, and we have been providing social media services for a long time. All the reviews are honest on the site, so you can trust them without having any doubt in your mind.

No, buying Instagram views isn’t a scam at all. Instagram Views work for you and boost up your video content. Hence, few people are in the market, creating a mess because of their poor services. So, to avoid such scams, you should hire someone trusted like We deliver views from genuine and authentic profiles.

Yes, it is a legal process as we don’t violate Instagram’s rules and terms. We don’t use fake accounts or bots to deliver you views on your videos. Because Instagram algorithms can delete views from your account, but with our genuine views, you will have a massive engagement with your content.

No, not at all; it doesn’t break Instagram rules because we don’t deliver bots. It will only create problems if you use any source for views that contains fake accounts.

People also have concerns regarding their delivery of views. What will happen if the views from their videos start decreasing? Don’t worry; we have the auto-refill option at If your views start dropping, the auto-refill option delivers you back those views.

Select Package

Select the package according to your need and budget. We have different packages for you in-store. You can also have a customized package by contacting us.

Insert Information

Provide us with the relevant information to get our services. We will never ask for any sensitive information from you. We just need your user name and we are ready to go.


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