Are you one of those people who want to earn money on Instagram? Do you know how you can earn money by using Instagram? Are you curious, excited or thrilled by reading it? Yes, it is possible and relatively easy. You need focus and consistent efforts to earn money on Instagram. Although it is not easy, but with the right strategy, you can gain more followers on Instagram and earn through them.

                     Instagram is an essential social media app with 2 billion users. It is the second most downloaded app according to the 2021 global report. Moreover, the audience is very active and refreshing. Instagram has given us the concept of influencers, bloggers and content creators in fresh ways. Therefore, Instagram is investing $1 billion to reward creators by the end of 2022. 

So, If you want to earn money on Instagram, we are giving you a free guide. The blog will guide you on how you can monetize your Instagram account.

What is the monetization of Instagram?

Instagram monetization means earning money through affiliate programs, marketing, paid partnerships etc. It is a common practice done by influencers. If you are a fashion blogger, daily life stylist, makeup blogger or influencer, you must know how to earn money. 

  • A content creator can earn an average of $165 to $1800 if they have followers of 100,00 – 100,000. 
  • In affiliate programs, creators can earn an average of $5000 per month.
  • In Instagram bonus programs, one can get a $6000 reward from Instagram with high performing reel.
  • Even the tiny bloggers with 13000 followers can earn $1300 with a single sponsored reel.

Top and best ways to earn money on Instagram

  • Enable ads on your Instagram reels
  • Use badges in live streams
  • Use the Instagram subscription feature
  • Instagram bonus program
  • Instagram affiliate programs

Enable ads on your Instagram reels:

                                                              Before the reels, Instagram ads in-stream video ads as a monetization. It runs the ads before, after and in between the video. However, now the reels are new algorithms-supported media. So the new ad monetization method is in the process of upgradation and will soon be released.  

Use badges in live streams:

                                                  Badges are newly introduced on the platform. Enable this feature, which will automatically be available for all your lives. When a creator holds a live stream, people can see different badges on screen. They are available at prices such as $0.99, $1.99 and $4.99. Your followers can buy them and send you support. 

Use the Instagram subscription feature:

                                                          The subscription feature was a significant part of the updates of 2022. It allows the followers to pay and subscribe to support the creator and see exclusive content. The payment method will be monthly.

Instagram bonus program:

To sustain the platform’s growth and keep the creators on the platform, Meta has announced the bonus program. However, it is only available for some. Those who can avail can get the cash on the highest-performing reel, a video ad bonus with a one-time payment, and live video badges for hitting a particular milestone. 

Instagram affiliate programs:

                                                   In 2021, Instagram gave significant updates on the platform. Now, Instagram has allowed everyone to put links on stories. Previously only users with 10k or more followers could add it. However, now followers do not matter anymore to put links on stories. 2023 Instagram marketing is the best place to get trackable links and earn through them. Content creators can share affiliate links on their stories. These links can lead the public to the product creators are promoting. The more people follow the link, the more a creator can earn.