Instagram stories aren’t just random content that evaporates. They’re a perennial favorite that can keep you in the minds (and feeds!) of your followers. They play a crucial role in attracting successful Instagram influencers.

As more and more Instagram influencers and brands use Stories, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. But don’t lose heart; We must then help.

Why are My Instagram Story Views so Low?

Have you noticed that your Instagram story views have dropped more than normal lately?

You are not alone! According to reports, everyone on Instagram has experienced a significant drop in views on their IG stories. Why? Presumably, Instagram has lived up to its policy of being a “Real Engagement” social media platform by conducting a thorough purge of false views and engagements. But the exciting news is: that it can only get better from here!

Because of this, your Instagram story views may be low:

1. Instagram won’t spread it to your followers because your list contains fake followers.

2. Your posts don’t provide your followers with valuable content to interact with.

3. You don’t yet realize the enormous power of IG Stories. Therefore, you miss betting on it in your favor.

4. Your content is not active when your followers are on the platform.

But this is all fixable. Stay tuned to the end for tips on how to engage your followers through Instagram Story.

Why Should You Watch About Instagram Story?

Just because the number of Instagram story views has gone down doesn’t mean their value has gone down. They still play a crucial role in increasing your brand equity on Instagram.

Instagram Stories are a great way to create real, open connections with your followers that go beyond just fulfilling your social media needs as an Instagram influencer. Involved parts of your life, behind the scenes, and sometimes just what’s in your heart can help your Instagram followers see you as a person like them. The great thing about this is that stories don’t last longer than 24 hours, meaning they are empty oil the next day!

How Do I Use Algorithms to Get More Views on My Instagram Stories?

Before you send prayers to the Instagram gods, let’s first understand what role the algorithms play in helping your stories get more views and what you can do to increase views.

That’s why Instagram prioritizes stories based on four factors:

  • Personal Relationships between users
  • Timelines
  • Interests
  • Experience

Let’s look at each aspect together to understand how you can use it to your advantage

Personal Relationships Between Users

Have you ever wondered why you see updates from your friends and family first on your feed? That’s because Instagram creates connections between users based on their relationships, DMs, collective followers, etc.

According to statistics, 61 Instagram users look at the stories of their musketeers to see what they do. So don’t hesitate to call your mother or best friend and have her look at your story.


Instagram also pushes stories in chronological order. Therefore, stories are listed in order from newest to oldest. Posting multiple promotional stories per day increases the chances of your story reaching the top of the list. But who has the time to post something every hour? In this case, scheduling apps can be your supporter.


Instagram measures the interests of accounts based on the hashtags they follow and the content they engage with most. So if you use the best Instagram hashtags in your story, Instagram will ask you to show them to people whose interests align with your brand. Instagram allows a maximum of 10 hashtags per story, so use them boldly.


Like interest, stoner experience also plays a role in Instagram prioritizing your story. When a follower clicks on your story, it signals to Instagram that that person likes your content and will show them more. The better the content of your IG story, the more views your story will get.

Best 5 Apps That Will Make Your IG Stories Explode with Life!

1. Mojo

Mojo can help you create polished animated Instagram Stories that look like professional ads. You’ll get access to a range of high-quality templates across colorful fashion, travel, photography, news, pop, marketing, and classic orders. It works smoothly from design to posting on Instagram without the need to save or export rules.

2. Canva Stories

Canva has come a long way, from being used on our computers to having a dedicated Canva Stories app for mobile devices. It supports videotape content and ready-made templates. You can design your templates from Scrape. The icing on the cake is all the vitality options that allow dynamic movement and make it more attractive. Great, isn’t it?


Call it the veteran photo editing app, but VSCO is the gold standard for photo editing with professional-looking presets and tools for adjusting color, texture, light, etc. HD RAW photos from your professional camera can be easily imported and optimized Choose this app so you can get perfect images even if your photography skills are not perfect. 

4. Over

Over is a design app. It is a one-stop shop for creating posts for various social media channels. But when it comes to planning and creating Instagram Stories, there are a plethora of new layouts and designs. You can create unique lead generation posts on your blog, email list, or Instagram page for your latest post. It’s a fun way to determine what you want your audience to do next. 

5. Microsoft Hyperlapse

Microsoft Hyperlapse is an Instagram Stories app that helps you create smooth and stable hyperlapse videos. Since it’s something they don’t see every day, it gets their attention and prevents them from swiping next time.

Tips to Engage Your Followers via Instagram Stories

TIP #1: Creative Story Content Wins

Since there are so many apps that allow you to create excellent content, there are no other ways to stick to the old way of creating effects.

Whether you’re trying out new templates, experimenting with content strategies, or simply adding videos to posts, there’s always something new you can do to make your posts more engaging to your followers.

TIP #2 Constantly Post IG Stories

When it comes to posting IG stories, further is more. Since Instagram only shows the last four posts on a stoner’s homepage, it’s important to continually post stories throughout the day. The trick is to record them with an app like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Additionally, exploration occurs at peak times based on your position, so your content is available when your followers are on the platform.

TIP #3: Create Interactive Story Posts

Who likes a one-sided discussion?

Allow your followers to interact with your content using questions, Q&As, quizzes, etc. By regularly introducing new and attractive stickers, Instagram has made producing engaging content easier. This is also a great strategy to allow your followers to promote content ideas by telling you what they would like to see further from you. Win-win!

TIP #4 Use Tags in Your Story

Exemption and approximately? Also use position markers to reach those who are not yet your followers, but are in the same position as you. Additionally, you can use other Instagram markups to adjust your reach based solely on markups. The only precaution then is to mark private places such as home.

TIP #5: Interact with Other Instagram Accounts

Being greedy is not good, especially on Instagram. So be kind by interacting with other accounts, checking out their stories, and leaving authentic comments. Use @mentiones to send a shout-out to subscribers, followers, cover holders, and other influencers. They will repost your content, increasing your views and potentially exposing it to a whole new following.

After all, it’s better to give than to give in.

TIP #6 Use Instagram Hashtags

Without hashtags, your posts are like a tourist without a diagram. You will have no purpose and will drown at the bottom of the ocean of content. IG Story can contain up to 10 hashtags. Additionally, IG algorithms now make it possible for drug users to follow hashtags. Some of the most common hashtags have millions of followers. Provide a mix of general hashtags and other curated bones to appeal as broadly as possible.

TIP #7 Go Live

Live videos are all the rage these days! With Instagram Live, your followers can ask questions, comment on your live video, and participate in real-time. Most followers will receive a notification with a ride announcement when you start broadcasting live.

Once you’ve finished broadcasting, your live video will appear directly on your Instagram Story, so those who may have missed it live can watch it again later.

TIP #8 Take Advantage of Trendy Gadgets and Stickers

Instagram even uses Instagram Stories to test new features! Add to your cart popular Instagram story devices and stickers to increase your overall reach.

Instagram regularly presents story stickers and gadgets based on current trends, such as the ‘Stay Home’ sticker during the lockdown. Instagram released these devices to connect more people. The purpose of these tags is to introduce your content and profile to your old and implicit followers.

Use these devices to bring new Instagram story viewers into your feed. Keep an eye out for unborn devices or stickers that can help increase views on your Instagram stories.

TIP #9: Create an Attractive Instagram Profile

Any new stoner who looks at your IG story can check out your profile to see the niche content you typically post. Make it worth it and keep your memoir organized.

Here observers can become followers. So make sure Stories are also part of your feed so they can keep up with your creative content.

TIP #10: Add Reels to Your Instagram Stories

According to statistics, Reels now receive the most viewed content on Instagram. Also, repost the reels you created in your IG stories. You can publish your reel and also cross-promote your friends’ reel content.

Fascinating roles can captivate your followers even more. Your views will increase as drug addicts wait for more nice posts from you. Although Instagram is a thriving creative community, it can sometimes be difficult to get the results you hope for as an influencer. These tips will give your Instagram story the boost it needs.