Instagram has become the most popular because of its unique features. On the other hand, the Instagram business has changed the public perspective entirely. If you are using Instagram, you must be familiar with terms such as “reach”, “ engagement”, and “activity”. To top your brand or content, you need to have significant followers, a high reach, and engaging content. Without these three things, you can grow your business on Instagram.

The following blog is about:

  • What are hashtags?
  • Functions of hashtags
  • Types of hashtags on Instagram
  • All the time popular hashtags on Instagram

What are Hashtags?

Hashtags are words or phrases with the sign “#” to explain your content type. Instagram users use these hashtags to find out the relevant audience. Because people use these hashtags to search for a specific topic. Moreover, hashtags are essential on Instagram because they explain your account and content type. They help you to target a specific audience which is vital for your content. 

Functions of Hashtags

For whatever purpose you use Instagram, you need to know the best hashtags on Instagram. You need it if you use Instagram for blogging, influencing, or branding. Hashtags are specifically essential to become viral quickly. However, you need to know correctly about the hashtags to use them properly. Because without a proper strategy, you can not achieve your goals using hashtags. Therefore you should know all the facts about hashtags and use them. 

Here are the primary and essential functions of hashtags:

  • Exposure and reach
  • Engagement purpose
  • Role in Marketing

Exposure and Reach:

  • Instagram reach is vital, and you must know about it. Hence if you want a successful journey, your reach must be high.
  • Content exposure helps you to get more audience on your account. 
  • However, how can you get all these using your resources or, in other words using no money? 
  • Here is the solution for you that are using hashtags. 
  • You can achieve your goal of high reach and content exposure. People use hashtags to search, and they can find your content. 
  • Finding content means they will surely visit your profile and even can follow you. 

Engagement Purpose:

  • To become on top in your relevant niche, you must have engagement. Furthermore, algorithms take serious note of engaging accounts and content. 
  • Moreover, Instagram algorithms promote such accounts which have highly engaging content. 
  • Therefore, hashtags become essential because they can help you get an engaging audience.
  • They help you to have engaging activities under your posts.
  • You can use hashtags to target a specific audience.
  • As we know, Instagram has most of the Gen-Z audience, so you can target them using their relevant hashtag. It would be about a T-shirt or their favorite music genre. 

Role in Marketing

  • It would not be wrong to say Instagram is all about marketing and branding. If you are on Instagram, you must know how to do branding.
  • Hashtags are a practical solution for your brand, and you can rely hugely on hashtags to make your brand a popular one.
  • For example, if you sell T-shirts, you can use relevant hashtags to target the people who want to buy a T-shirt. 

Types of Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are of different types because of their functionality. As an Instagrammer, you must know about these types in detail. So you can use them in the best way. Here are the most critical types of hashtags:

Product-linked hashtags:

As the name shows, these hashtags are related to products a brand offers. These hashtags explain the product, its type and its function. These hashtags have complete information about a product. # jewellery, #handbag, #business, and #marketing are the type of product and service-linked hashtags.

Niche-related hashtags:

Niche means your field of work. Niche-related hashtags are important because they explain your profession or field of work. These are vital because they are your recognition. #influencer, #stylist, #makeupartist are some niche hashtags.

Community hashtags:

As we know, Instagram is a community-based platform. Although individual efforts matter a lot, only you cannot do anything. You need a whole community to be a successful professional. Community hashtags show the specific community related to a specific topic, such as #instagradners, #instaphotographer, and #instabusiness.

Distinctive hashtags:

Distinctive hashtags are used on special events, occasions or days. The public uses these hashtags to share their feelings and emotions. Such as #summerholidays, #winderholidays, #newyear, #independenceday, #christamis. 

Location hashtags:

Location hashtags are used to show your location. Instagram is helpful regarding locations. Furthermore, location hashtags are essential for travellers and bloggers. People read reviews and even ask for suggestions before visiting a place. These hashtags can help them to find a perfect place according to their taste and requirement. Some location hashtags are #londoneye, #eiffeltower, and #Newyorkcity.

Routine hashtags:

To show your daily routine or work, these hashtags are used. Daily bloggers use these hashtags to be featured. Some of the daily hashtags are #morningvibes, #weekendvibes, #sundayfunday, and #fridaynoon.  

Contraction hashtags:

Contracting or acronym hashtags are important because it is a trend to use short words. All languages are evolved, and using contractions in informal speeches is a common thing. So people use hashtags such as #TBT, #OOTD, and #YOLO.

All the time popular hashtags on Instagram

According to the exposure and public uses, there are some all the time popular hashtags. You can use these hashtags to make your reach high and content exposure wide.

#love is the most popular hashtag, with more than 1 billion posts. It is a general hashtag you can use to show love for something.

#instagood is an essential hashtag with a posted capacity of 704 million.

#photooftheday has 478 million posts.

#fashion Instagram is all about fashion, so if you are related to fashion in any aspect, it is for you. It has crossed the 450 million post level on Instagram.

 #beautiful is a common hashtag you can use to show your likeness. It has 445 million posts.

 #happy This hashtag has more than 413 million posts.

#cute is also a popular hashtag with 404 million posts.

#TBT It has a broad community of 401 million posts.

#like4like is a hashtag you can use, and it has 393 million posts.

#follow me This hashtag is essential to find such people who are interested in following you. It has 374 million posts feed.